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"One of the greatest problems investigators face when dealing with the UFO phenomenon is the accuracy of what witnesses say happened. Their descriptions are subject to misperception and bias; their memories are fallible; their honesty may be suspect; their motives may be self-serving."

The above is a quote from the foreword to Dr. Ellen Crystall's book "Silent Invasion" and was written by Mr. Philip Imbrogno, the author of "Night Siege - The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings."


XPOSE UFO TRUTH comprises a group of researchers, scientists and writers concerned about the contradictions, confusions and inconsistencies that abound in the field of Unconventional Flying Objects. The UFO phenomenon continues to escalate in numbers of sightings, witnesses and reports worldwide.

Sometimes it may be difficult to separate the genuine sightings from hoaxed or faked events. Real events certainly occur but are often obscured by dubious information. If this information is eventually proven to be false, this may then cast doubt upon the original "good" case.

The original purpose of this website was to publish investigative reports relating to real vs hoaxed cases and written by members of our organization

We have broadened our scope to incorporate articles written by people with personal UFO experiences to tell, together with images and video footage where possible. However, exposing hoaxes and the hoaxers is still our primary goal! 


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